White Sitting Room Furniture

The white wall unit of solid wood

With white walls made of solid wood, you are in a trend! White shines and makes the room appear bigger and brighter. It does not matter if you decide for a modern wall unit with a clear shape or combination of the living room in a country house style – White is up-to-date and beautifully timeless. Depending on the design, solid white wood furniture looks romantic or modern, in any case elegant. All cabinets and shelves offered by us are made of solid wood in an old craft tradition. Inspired by the incomparable charm of our solid wood combinations in white and intriguing details, such as windshields or lighting elements.

White Sitting Room Furniture

From wardrobe, display and shelf in standing and hanging and flat and high execution, you can assemble the desired solid wood wall units. In DANSK design you are guaranteed to find a combination of furniture that meets your space and space requirements. Our white wall unit usually consists of solid pine and white painted entirely. If you prefer transparent wooden grains, our cabinets with white coating, so the paint is not opaque, there for you. Discover the convenience of living in our showroom in Hürth-Hermülheim. In our catalog, you will get a good idea about our solid wood wall unit.

White is romantic, friendly and elegant
You can create a pure romance with solid wood walls in a country house or colonial style. The color variations change from white to antique white to champagne. Today, vintage white furniture is very popular. With signs of intentional wear and tear on the furniture, the underlying wood or underlying paint layer is revealed. This so-called design makes furniture more sympathetic and authentic.

White is modern, bright and clear
Even if you prefer a straight modern shape, you will be pleased with the solid white wood wall unit. There is no white-thick color. Set white contrast or provide a stage for contrast elements. For example, this could be a mix of wood or finishing, as well as your personal decoration. You can also optimally display your TV on a white wall unit.

Meet your dream home in white
To make sure your furniture stays white for a long time, you have to take care of it properly. Depending on whether it is varnished, stained or oiled – every surface treatment requires different treatments. Let us tell you the best of our furniture experts. Come to our furniture store and realize your dream home. Solid white walls are something for individualists. Who decides to know white knows what he wants.